Singer Chozen Blood has come out to comment on his said romance with Winnie Nwagi.

Winnie Nwagi is cooler than Sheebah- Chozen Blood | Kampala Sun

Over weekend as he performed at the Club Beatz At Home Concert , Chozen opened up that he had never tasted Nwagi’s delicious beans. Seemingly pressured, the former TNS star further fussed that even the said nude pics and sex video don’t exist.

“I want to take this chance to defend Winnie because she is just an innocent character in this scenario. For sure we just did a good song ‘Yitayo’ and people started to speculate that we had an intimacy. I am really sorry for all this Winnie,” Chozen said.

A few weeks back, there was a viral audio clip of a woman who said she was Chozen’s girlfriend, in the audio, she insinuated that Winnie bewitched her man (Chozen) into dumping her.

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The babe also vowed that if the ‘Mataala’ diva refuses to stop bonking her man, she would release their bedroom visuals and pics on the internet.

But commenting about that matter, Chozen said that there were no nude pictures or sex video of them, adding that the babe who recorded that audio was his misbehaving client who wanted to get something from him, and when the singer refused, she did that out of revenge.

However, he apologized to Winnie for having her name dragged into the matter.