Just like many girls out there get embarrassed by some of the would be little things done in relationships, celebrated media personality Lucky Mbabazi has given a funny account of one of her worst sleep over experiences

Lucky Mbabazi on Twitter: "Happy school fees week fellow Ugandans ...

Using her official twitter handle, the motor mouthed Radio host gave a detailed and yet funny expalnation of how she one day struggled not to get embarrassed on a first time visit to her boyfriend’s place

Lucky's Groove Back, Kampala, Kampala (2020)

In chit chat conversation with fellow workmate Gaetano Kaggwa, the mother of two sarcastically revealed how the need not the embarrassed at boyfriend’s place made her to hold off gas in her stomach for the whole night as she struggled not let out any fart at her first sleep over

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‘My bonkmate by then gave me food that had contained spices and this made my stomach to ramble. Because i never wanted to fart right infront of in his presence i kept on holding the gas in my stomach. The experience went on for the whole night as my visit became the worst sleep over experience in my life” Lucky narrated the sad story in a video she posted on twitter

Lucky Mbabazi on Twitter: "This picture was taken by our producer ...


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