Outstanding media personality, Lucky Rahma Mbabazi turns 42 today, Monday 28 and yes, she cannot just keep calm!

Lucky Mbabazi turns 42

The evergreen gorgeous radio gal, who legalized her bonk sessions to seasoned sports journalist and former Ugandan Sports Press Association (USPA) honcho, Patrick Kanyomozi, took to her twitter account to let her followers know that indeed she is a year older today. Like she always does, Lucky Mbabazi shared dazzling photos for her fans to drool over.

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Donning a classy sparkling black dress which accentuates her hour-glass figure and shapely legs , the mother-of-four looks strikingly hot.

“Because it’s my birthday today. #Allihamudulilah,” she captions the photos.

In the same vein, her partner in passion, Patrick Kanyomozi couldn’t resist lavishing praise on her in his birthday shoutout.

In his brief message on Twitter, Patrick noted that he and Lucky have lived together as hubby and wifey but his love for her always increases everyday.

Her charming prince, Patrick Kanyomozi, says he has never stopped loving her in his birthday message

“Over a decade together, and I love this beautiful soul more everyday, always a beautiful feeling. I celebrate you as my best friend, companion, confidante, my number one fan, but most importantly the love of my life. Happy birthday my forever Maama Bulamu @LuckyMbabazi, I love you,” Patrick tweeted, to which the radio gal responded with a brilliant reply;

“Banange Mwami wange. Thank you so much for loving me and sharing your journey on planet earth with me. I love you more.