Media personality Lucky Mbabazi, has sent a stern warning to Kenyan men to never set foot in Uganda, searching for waterlogged granddaughters of Adam because they are stingy.

In a mind-blowing video shared on her social media pages, the bubbly Mbabazi noted that she was shocked when she heard rumours that Kenyan men come to Uganda on mission to net babes, yet they hate leaving transport and ‘kameza’ money for their women.

According to the 42-year-old Lucky Mbabazi, Ugandan babes treasure being given money and cannot settle for Kenyan men who can’t even afford to give daily upkeep to a woman.

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“They don’t leave any money. I heard Kenyan men are looking for Ugandan women…don’t come to Uganda looking for our women, they love transport money and kameza money. Do you understand? If you cannot give money, don’t come to Uganda,” Lucky warned the Kenyan men.

She further advised stingy Kenyan men to stick to their women, who enjoy paying their own bills.

“In Uganda, if you get a Ugandan woman, you will have to pay for everything; transport money, walking money, hair money, even saying hi. Don’t come here looking for our women, they are expensive,“said Mbabazi.