The Uganda Sports Press Association (USPA) president and also President of Ugandans On Twitter (UOT), Patrick Kanyomozi, told his wife media personality Lucky Mbabazi that sometimes the best support to give a spouse is by staying away from them.

Lucky hosted Kanyomozi on her YouTube Channel (Photo/ google)

This was while responding to a question posed by his wife, while appearing on her YouTube Channel KaChai With Lucky on how women can tell whether men need help because they do not open up.

“Sometimes support is staying away from the person. Giving them space to maybe figure it out or get over it. It is important to listen to what he has said as much as what he has not said because he is your partner. I am assuming you understand each other more than anyone else. You should be in a position to know when your partner needs support because you might be overdoing it,” said Kanyomozi.

He argued that if she had a staff party at her work station gardens, he would not show up as a sign of support because that becomes suffocation.

The pair got married in 2011, however, rumours surfaced in mid-2020 that they were having issues.

When The Zzina Website contacted them, they both denied the rumours and hours later, Kanyomozi put up a rather cheeky tweet claiming the reporter said they suspected so because he was no longer retweeting her tweets.

The pair got married in 2011 (Photo/ FB)

“Today a journalist called me and my wife separately, but we were both in the house. He wanted us to comment on information they have that we broke up. The most interesting part was their source. Mbu they’ve noticed over time that I do not retweet her tweets,” he said.