Veteran Radio presenter, James Onen aka Fatboy has dared Lucky Mbabazi to do a DNA on all her kids to prove that they belong to hubby Patrick Kanyomozi.

Fatboy dared Lucky Mbabazi to do a DNA test

Fatboy claims that a DNA test will not only help to erase any public doubts but also silence the likes of Isma Ollaxes who have made her hate social media lately.

Last week on Wednesday Lucky Mbabazi ran to police for help after flopped blogger, Isma Olaxxes soiled her name and that of hubby.

Ollaxes spent the whole day at the police CID headquarters in Kibuli sweating to answer questions why he had to attack Lucky and her family.

In a scotching verbal attack, Olaxess claimed that among the kids Mbabazi has, only one child belongs to Patrick Kanyomozi. He further punched holes in Kanyomozi’s bedroom skills, claiming that it is one of the reasons why other city men chew her wife’s beans.

Lucky Mbabazi dragged Isma ollaxes to Police for attacking her and hubby

Olaxess’s allegation got under the bummy Radio gal’s skin and she decided to run to police and file a case against the 58 year old Yellow Bus passenger. Nonetheless he was immediately summoned to appear before the CIID police for questioning.

To Lucky’s fury, the popular blogger had fueled the rumours that Gaetano has been allegedly drilling Lucky behind her husband’s back.

Isma insinuated that Gaetano is a sharp shooter who couldn’t just let a woman as attractive as Lucky to just go like that, referring to his history back in the Big Brother house where he drilled former housemate Abby live on Camera, which made him famous in Uganda and the world over.

Isma insinuated that Gaetano couldn’t just let a woman as attractive as Lucky to just go like that

Isma, with mocking intentions went ahead to warn Patrick, cautioning him to take his children for DNA tests because he could be grooming children that may not be his own.

Fatboy noted however that Lucky made a bad decision to take Isma to police as this will only encourage more people to talk about her and her children.

“I think the best solution would have been for Lucky to do a DNA test and prove that what was being said was not true because now many other people are curious to know. If I also decided to take to police whoever attacks me on social media, the cells would be full,” Fatboy said.

Will Lucky accept Fatboy’s advice?

He added that Paternity tests should be made mandatory at birth to avoid instances where a man is tricked into taking care of kids that do not belong to him.

Unlike Fatboy, a huge fan base of Lucky’s followers have supported her move to report Isma to police saying that involving kids in social media attacks is low and asking her to provide DNA results of her children is borderline offensive.