Last week, Sheilah Gashumba launched a campaign against all media personalities who promote cyber bullying.

Sheila wants UCC to take action
Sheila wants UCC to take action

She accuses Urban TV’s Tina Fierce of trolling and pushing a hate agenda against her through her program, Sqoop on Sqoop.

In her latest posts on social media, Sheilah  reveals that she contemplated on taking her own life after  Tina Fierce turned her into a national joke.

Urban TV's Tina Fierce
Urban TV’s Tina Fierce

“You have made me have sleepless nights, gone into depression!! You have also successfully managed to change the minds of people on the internet about who I am!!
I have never attacked any of you but you have made it a meal to tarnish, demean and abuse me and my family on your TV show sqoop and sqoop and your newspaper Kampala sun”, she lamented.

She also claims that Jackie Chandiru went into depression after  Tina Fierce continuously claimed she aborted. Now she wants UCC to swing into action and squeeze Tina. According her tweet, UCC should either ban the show or kick Tina from Urban TV.

“I remember when I had just started working on #ntvthebeat! The same @UCC_Official stoped tv stations from playing indescent music videos that have too much sexual appeal and nudity but the same@UCC_Officialcan’t ban a tv show that is causing pain and depression to people!!”, her tweet reads.


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