Socialite Sheilah Gashumba doesn’t rate Douglas Lwanga and MC Kats when it comes to music knowledge.

She says the pair are dwarfed and it is one of the reasons why she quit working with them on TV as an entertainment pundit.

While addressing a colleague on why she berates the pair, together with their DJs; Mercy Pro and Roja, the self-styled Lil Stunner disclosed that she chose to resign from her TV gig due to the fact she wasn’t on the same wave length with her colleagues.

In a video obtained by this website, Sheilah Gashumba notes that she couldn’t work with people whose musical preferences is below the required standards.

She points out one incident when Joshua Baraka had just begun his music career, and she wanted the viewers to explore and taste his new vibe and sounds but unfortunately, Douglas Lwanga and MC Kats refused to kowtow!

Watch the video below;

Additionally, Sheilah expresses her frustration with the repetitive topics and music constantly addressed on the show, ultimately leading to her resigning from her hosting duties.