Abryanz commemorated a decade of his successful fashion journey by hosting a bottomless brunch at Naguru Skyz over the weekend…and Sheilah Gashumba effortlessly stole the show.

The all-black excellence was attended by a multitude of distinguished personalities from the fashion industry, who exhibited their exceptional fashion acumen but still Lil Stunner shone brightest. Stepping out with her cute girlfriend, Katrina Nilzero, the pair-donning tantalizing outfits which showed off some flesh- the pair made the grand entrance and grabbed all the much-needed attention.

And we report this, Sheilah is on every one’s lips and Netizens are having a field day! Some netizens are lavishing praise on the 27-year-old socialite for her bold fashion choice, with many commending her for being confident and unapologetic about her style.

Others, on the other hand, are punching holes in her outfit, claiming it was inappropriate and attention-seeking.

Here are a few captured moments that you may have overlooked in visual form.