Opposition have squarely told off electoral commission after they accused them of meeting President Yoweri Museveni before releasing the 2021 election road map.

Electoral Commission in announcing the election road map proposed that the campaigns take a different direction.

Justice Simon Byabakama revealed while addressing a news conference that they propose science takes centre stage given that Covid-19 pandemic continues to bite into the community.

Opposition leaders Dr Kizza Besigye, Norbert Mao, Robert Kyagulanyi (Bobi Wine) and Mugisha Muntu among others punched holes in Justice Byabakama’s proposal.

They claim it is simply being adopted to favour the incumbent Museveni. The debate continues in the different media platforms with both sets of political players remaining far from striking a pendulum.

NRM Womens’ League chairperson Lydia Wanyoto poured cold water on opposition assertions and believes her party is the most wounded.

While appearing on NBS ‘Frontline’ political show, Wanyoto proclaimed: “The digital campaign does not favour any Political party. In any case, the NRM will be affected most. They were used to a very expensive campaign that would benefit both the mobilisers and the voters.”

She stated: “We have work of mobilising all Ugandans to interest themselves in voting. I don’t lament yet I have a chance of selecting leaders.”

Wanyoto contended: “We should mobilise people. There must be a threshold for voter turn out. It is upon to us as leaders to martial the voters of the people. If you think choosing leaders for Uganda is a simple matter then I don’t understand more so in this pandemic”

The NRM leader asserted: “We want to maintain power. We have been in this race for a long time so we have skills for winning this election. NRM we celebrate the will for people to come out and seek for leadership.
We glad the struggle is a training ground.”

She taunted: “The moment we have our strikers and Electoral Commission blows the whistle we good to go.”

Wanyoto explained: “We indeed need to discuss. Beyond the rallies, what would work for us? We are the ruling party, we set the pace. We want to do it right if we do it.”

She moved: “We consulting, engaging studying the NRM road map. We looking for a solution. For us in the NRM, we just want to decide what scientific elections mean. We also see that the thing of smartphone is for people in towns.”

Wanyoto stated: “There is the law on one side, politics the other and #COVID19 in the centre. We are in politics. Us we would like to understand the some context of presenting the NRM candidates to compete. That’s why we taking our time.”

She hailed: “I would like to applaud the Independent Electoral Commission, all they did was their mandate, despite #COVID19.”

Wanyoto urged: “The president Yoweri Museveni has been one leading us in the lock down. Parliament has not gone on recess they are working. Govt is working though we in lock down.”

She went on: “We have an electoral road map and it is political issue and we have covid19 how do we work around this? I would like to hear Parliament present itself. For what Electoral Commission has done is to issue guidelines. It doesn’t issue laws.”