President Yoweri Museveni has set tougher conditions for schools among other sectors if they are to open their doors for business.

President Museveni in his long awaited Covid-19 address Wednesday night allowed places of worship to open but kept schools, concerts, disco halls, performing artists and beaches closed.

Museveni ordered: “With the level of vaccination still low, I direct that these remain closed until at least the 4.8 million priority population is vaccinated.”

He explained: “Bars are a high risk area where individuals have no sobriety to observe the SOPs. They will be considered for re-opening when the 4.8 million priority population is vaccinated.”

On Casinos, Gaming, Betting shops and Gyms, the President said: “Casinos, gaming, betting shops and gyms can now operate during the day and close by 6:00pm. Local governments and city authorities MUST inspect outlets for suitability and adherence to SoPs before opening.”

Museveni on re-opening schools, said: “Post-Secondary institutions of learning to open with effect from 1st November 2021 on condition that; all teachers and non-teaching staff are vaccinated. The rest of the learning institutions will open in January 2022.”

The head of state allowed weddings, burials and other social events to increase capacity by stating: “The number of persons attending these events can now increase to 200 under strict observance of Covid-19 SoPs.”

On places of worship which he allowed to open, he set the following conditions: “Only 200 worshippers allowed provided the place of worship can ensure physical distancing of 2 meters on either side and adequate aeration. No congregation for worship after curfew hours,”

The President insisted: “The 200-persons-limit, physical distancing and all other SOPs should be respected even during special occasions e.g. weddings, funeral services, confirmation etc.”

On the Covid-19 status in the country, Museveni revealed: “To date, 340 Covid-19 cases admitted in both public and private facilities country wide. 272 – public hospital 66 – in prisons 02 – Private hospitals 38% of patients said to be in severe or critical condition.”

The President went on: “Covid-19 prevention strategies being pursued are; – vaccination by December 2021 government will have acquired 12m doses. The aim is to vaccinate all Ugandans above 18 years, prioritizing medical workers, teachers, security personnel, the elderly and those with comorbidities.”

Museveni directed Ministry of Health to intensify surveillance at the airport Entebbe, and all border points.

He added: “All RDCs, CAOs DHOs must carry out intensive mobilization of eligible groups to go for vaccination and ensure no vaccines expire without being used.”