He may look like some one who can’t engage in any heated social media fight or confrontation but trust him not, renown NBS TV political reporter Joseph Sabiiti will rightfully send you to hell the moment you come hard on him in public.

Joseph sabiiti

Yesterday afternoon the respected journalist laid into a fan who told him his the most over rated media personality that Uganda has ever produced

The interesting incidence happened when Lubowa Abubaker a photo journalist  with Daily Monitor posted an artwork promoting the return of Joseph Sabiiti as the main host of the front line a political show on NBS

As savage as some fans can get on social media, a one Andrew K Agaba rushed to comment by saying Joseph is simply an over rated journalist who doesn’t deserve all the hype he gets from people

”The most over rated journalist! Very biased and unbalanced!! I cry everyday”   Agaba commented

On seeing Agaba’s mean comment Sabiiti just couldn’t let it slide as he quickly told him to make good use of his remote whenever he sees him on TV

”Andrew K. Agaba why waste your tears? Last time I checked TVs come with remotes .Find something that works for you” Sabiiti savagely clapped back


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