Ever since singer cum People Power honcho Hon. Bobi Wine declared his presidential ambition come 2021, different public figures have come out to give their views.

 Zari and Bobi Wine
Zari and Bobi Wine

Some think that Bobi truly has all the qualities to lead this country and of course other think that the Kyarenga hit star is still day dream.

Socialite Zari Hassan earlier this week was on Thursday tasked by his fans and followers to give her side of view too but her reply was skeptical. Zari claimed that Ugandans should not jump on the train and vote Bobi Wine because they need something new. According to her, it’s all about the capability, experience and credentials that should be considered.

Zari questions Bobi Wine's presidential credentials
Zari questions Bobi Wine’s presidential credentials

“…we don’t to say we want Bobi Wine to become president because we need something new…Okay there has to be credentials for a presidential candidate. So if you guys now really want to start reasoning that the presidential thing? lets now look at, ‘tukooye mzee’ we want something new and ekiliwo right now is to throw Bobi Wine in there and he becomes president. But the question is…is he ready to lead a country does he has presidential credentials? Ugandans have never taken time ask to themselves that question but they just shout People Power or NRM…”, she said before making it clear that she is willing to be led by anyone who is power, leaving Bobi’s disciples murmuring.

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Laba lino ebina lya Zari ebintu ebimu Oba tobitegera bireke tobyogerako sirika sigala kununa misolo. M7 gwowana yamala kugenda mu screening okufuuka president? ☹️☹️☹️Let people decide by voting

Posted by Kisitu Ivan Richards on Friday, July 3, 2020