Socialite Zari Hassan is not willing to back down after being attacked by People Power disciples following her opinion about Bobi Wine.

Zari Hassan
Zari Hassan

While addressing her fans and followers on Facebook live, Zari questioned Bobi Wine’s presidential credentials and asked Ugandans not just to vote someone because they want something new.

According to her, it’s all about the capability, experience and credentials that should be considered.

“…we don’t to say we want Bobi Wine to become president because we need something new…Okay there has to be credentials for a presidential candidate. So if you guys now really want to start reasoning that the presidential thing? lets now look at, ‘tukooye mzee’ we want something new and ekiliwo right now is to throw Bobi Wine in there and he becomes president. But the question is…is he ready to lead a country does he has presidential credentials? Ugandans have never taken time ask to themselves that question but they just shout People Power or NRM…”, she said.

Bobi Wine
Bobi Wine

But after driving her submission home, the mother of five was attacked by irate People Power supporters calling her all sorts of name. To them it is all clear that the Boss Lady is rooting for no one else but Sevo in 2021 general elections.

Now she has been forced to come back with a bang, reminding those who insulted her that she also entitled to her opinion just like any other citizen.

 “Every citizen is entitled to their opinion, dont try to intimidate some of us. I said what i said and my live is still here on my timeline maybe you should re-watch it since you listened not to understand (anti amagezi amatono) Obwamalaya ne nyoko yabukola ela akyabukola. Okuzala yamala kweyambula mpale. Ekyo sikipya. Bwetugejja amatama nti botox, bwetukoga nti silimu. Mutuleke tugeje. Ebivubo tebimenya gumba ela tebigenda kunemesa kunywamu ka champopo lelo weekend. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, why are you pressed?”, she posted on her wall.

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Every citizen is entitled to their opinion, dont try to intimidate some of us. I said what i said and my live is still…

Posted by Zarinah Tlale on Friday, July 3, 2020