Socialite Zari Hassan has continued to taunt People Power fans who believe she made a grave mistake to question Bobi Wine’s Presidential credentials.

Zari claims that whatever she said while addressing her fans on Facebook is true and she won’t say sorry!

“No amount of insults and intimidation will put me down! Am apologizing for absolutely nothing”, the self proclaimed Boss Lady roars in the freshest clip while popping  Champaign before adding;

“We all have equal Rights about the Future of this Country. Two things here; whoever comes online and speaks about politics either you want them to diss the current government or to join your band wagon. The question was; Does the person has credentials? If he has them then well and good because he is not the only candidate. If all of them have then well and good, may the best win. You will not oppress and intimidate people who want to freely speak about what they believe in. Remember its their opinion…”, she rants in a clip of about three minutes.

Check it out;

All this drama started yesterday when the mother of five questioned Bobi Wine’s presidential credentials and asked Ugandans not just to vote someone because they want something new.

According to Bobi’s disciples, this was a direct attack made on their hero and boom! They showered her with all kind of insults and cautioned her to keep silent. But from look of things, she is willing to take anyone on!

We shall keep you posted of course.