Singer Big Eye has started rooting for the ghetto Champion Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine after failing squeeze the sweet juice out of Sevo.

Big Eye's threats fell on Sevo's deaf ear
Big Eye’s threats fell on Sevo’s deaf ear

Big Eye had threatened to sue Sevo and the Yellow bus -NRM for failing to pay him Ushs 270m  he apparently hustled for during the 2011 general elections campaigns.

The embattled ‘Suula Indicator’ singer claims his services were not paid for till now.

Through his lawyers, he served President Museveni and the NRM party with an intention to sue, demanding sh270m as payment. “I demand Mr Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, the chairman of the National Resistance Movement. I worked for the president in 2011 when he was contesting for presidency. I was one of the people who campaigned for him after singing on his rallies but I was never paid,” Big Eye said.

Big Eye says Bobi understands people's problems
Big Eye says Bobi understands people’s problems

He gave the President a 14 ultimatum to respond to his legal action. to his dismay, the ultimatum elapsed without hearing from the big man.

Now following the disappointment, Big Eye has decided to somehow switch his support from the President he dearly loves to Bobi Wine.

Big Eye says ever since the People Power leader revealed that he would stand against Museveni in the 2021 general elections, musicians have suffered a lot.

No Musician Is Safe, Big Eye says
No Musician Is Safe, Big Eye says

“Even those who support the NRM we are not safe. A lot of unlawful things and unfair things are going to be done to disorganize this music industry, separate it and put it down. Fellow musicians open your eyes widely. We have even started seeing some media houses/Entertainment programs being paid to expose musicians with an aim of spoiling musicians image,” Big Eye said.

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He further rallied fellow musicians and Uganda to stand with Bobi Wine because it seems he is the ‘new mandela’ who will save the music industry.

“If am not mistaken we might even be the reason why this country is still in lockdown so that we don’t do any shows to earn. May be we better stand with Hon Robert Kyagulanyi who will understand our pain.”