NTV’s top prize Luganda news anchor Faridah Nakazibwe claims she is currently rearing no man’s reptile!

Faridah is apparently seeing no man
Faridah is apparently seeing no man

Faridah has fallen prey of ‘fake Men’ with hidden agenda of only taping her honey and later run away. But she is seemingly tired of the fake love-lies and now taking a back sit to reflect about her life.

According to her recent interview with a YouTuber, she is only concentrating on taking care of her beautiful daughters.

“I am not into men this time and I am currently having a good time with my daughters.I really love sharing stories together with them,” she said.

Faridah with her beautiful daughters
Faridah with her beautiful daughters

A few months back Faridah’s renown nemesis Justine Nameere shamed her in the public eye as she revealed almost all her hidden secrets on social media.

Faridah's favorite
Faridah’s favorite

In her submission, Nameere revealed how Faridah dumped her hubby Umar after she learnt that was playing her dirty tricks.

But however seemingly hurting she was, the stunning media personality remained  silent and calm waited for the storm to settle.

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