Socialite Sheilah Gashumba is lately one of a few personalities who can never see something wrong and they keep quiet!

Fearless Sheilah

Some critics say she is a clout chaser but believe us, fearless Sheilah now days is acting as the ‘Voice to the voiceless’! She is always ready to champion a cause for the better of the community.

Y’all remember how she single-handedly squeezed bullish Urban TV’s Lugambo gal, Tina Fierce off the screens over alleged defamation…Now she is back to expose ‘unprofessional’ Kenyan police for manhandling and flogging a woman like a chicken thief.

Sheilah single-handedly taught Tina Fierce a lesson

Visibly disappointed, Lil Stunner took it to Twitter and poured her anger out.

Shame upon you Kenyan Police!! How dare you mishandle this lady??? Regardless of what she has done, this is UNACCEPTABLE!!Now I wonder how the Kenyan police handles people in the dark if this happens in broad day light!! Smh”, she tweeted. 

However, most of her follows believe Sheilah must also speak out when Uganda police and other security organs brutalize fellow citizens. A one Twitter user, Jhameel replied to her tweet; ” Why not clean the bedroom first before going to the veranda…”.

Another one, case eria followed suit; “Before replying i had to first go through your tl to see whether u had done the needful and talked about what uganda police did to a certain lady naye ononoza bya kenya ani akuloga”.

Lilliana Jemba also aired her view; “Ugandan police more worse than any other police in east Africa so better mind Uganda kuba tolya Kenya n many pipo have been battled by our police”.

Gefa exploded; “I think you have gone too far, first condemn @PoliceUg on what happened today at the@FDCOfficial1offices then we can attack Kenya later.”

Walubanda fired; Preach to @delanykigongoand company. A woman lost her previllage of being a mother becoz of @PoliceUgand these NRM apologists did open their lungs about it. Work on your house before you……”.

Well what do you make of Sheilah Gashumba’s Twiiter rant?