Legendary TV star Douglas Lwanga and his baby mama,Lindah Lisa have weathered may storms that have always threatened their love relationship.

Douglas and Lindah eating life
Douglas and Lindah eating life

Douglas is always receiving negative remarks on the choice of a woman he chose. Naysayers say he made a bad choice going with a woman purported to be older than him.

Other say, she bleaches. A lot more has been said, but Linda says their relationship is stronger , it can’t fall a part due to negativity.

Douglas Lwanga's property
Douglas Lwanga’s property

She says they don’t care about the bad comments.

“If we paid attention to the mean words, maybe we would have broken up long ago. But we are still together. We don’t care about their opinions,” she explains.

Douglas and Lindah have one kid together
Douglas and Lindah have one kid together

Lindah has often praised Douglas’ remarkable bedroom skills on social media. The pair have spent over 7 years together, bonking tubeless and yes, their midnight duties has nonetheless paid off.

They have a handsome son together and obvously there’s still room for Douglas to put the ball at the back of the net again.

Douglas is said to have abandoned his first marriage to spend his life with Linda who is also PR to Club Guvnor and together they are happy or so they seem.


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