Fresh news coming in on our gossip desk indicate that celebrated singer Rema Namakula is now craving for raw mangoes and hard clay soil (Emumbwa).

Mukyala Musawo is expecting

Unlike in the past where the singer would be found at home all happy and joyfully playing with kids, this time around an inside source reveals that Rema is always moody. On top of that Mukyala Musawo has gained massive weight.

Over the weekend, she shared pics on her social media pages that caused debate amongst online in laws. Apparently, the singer swallowed a live seed 4 months back and the couple seems to be ready for a pompous baby shower.

Rema apparently swallowed Hamza’s live seed

Clad in a blue and black colored dress while tightly hugging her hubby, Ssebunya Hamza, her baby bump can never be hidden.