Multi-award winning superstar, Edrisa Musuuza aka Eddy Kenzo has fallen out with singer cum politician Bobi Wine again.

Kenzo has been rooting for Bobi
Kenzo has been rooting for Bobi

Kenzo had declared his massive support for Bobi in the next general elections but as it stands that will never happen if the Presidential hopeful doesn’t change his ‘braggart ways’.

The furious Big Talent boss accuses Bobi of wanting to thwart other people’s Music and political careers all in the name of being sort of a ‘small god’.

Kenzo performed at Bobi's Kyarenga concert for free
Kenzo performed at Bobi’s Kyarenga concert for free

In a recorded phone call with one of People Power loyal disciples, Kenzo points Bobi’s hypocritical ways of playing a contempt card on fellow Big artists who have come out publicly and supported him.

Kenzo says he will leave the country if Bobi becomes president
Kenzo says he will leave the country if Bobi becomes president

“…Chameleone recently signed People Power forms but your man has never endorsed him. Even Lutaaya together with his wife came and officially joined NUP but still he didn’t post them anywhere. He doesn’t practice what preaches. He has self exaggerated importance! Bobi only welcomes weak artists like Kabako and Yung Mulo and snubs those who have a big influence on society. He undermines us”, he rants before he swears to leave the country for God if the Kyarenga singer becomes president.

“…your leader is weak and a sell out. He is braggart in nature thinking he can step on everyone. If he ever becomes president i will leave the country!”. 

Checkout the audio;

MUZUUKUKE MUZUUKUKEEEEE 🔊🔊🔈📢Omuyimbi Eddy Kenzo avuddemu omwaasi. Alangidde Bobi Wine obunanfuusi, obulyaake, efutwa, okweyagaliza, enkwe n'obusosoze.. Alangiridde nti yegasse ku Big Fish ne Uncle Balaam balwaanirire Uganda yattu kubanga Kyagulanyi ayagala kuleeta lutalo Abazungu batukube.💪💪💪…. This is the Kenzo av been waiting for… Trust me we are going to make Museveni win. And we don't give a damn TAMBUZA VIDEO ENO BWOOBA OYAGALIZA UGANDA EMIREMBE… #VoteM72021#M7mustStay#MuseveniPakalast#SevoAfterSevoAfterSevo

Posted by Ashburg Katto on Friday, August 7, 2020