Multi-award winning superstar Idrisa Musuuza aka Eddy Kenzo has finally spoken out after his private phone conversation with one of Bobi Wines’s disciples leaked online over the Weekend.

Kenzo not happy with Bobi Wine

In the recorded conversation Kenzo showed how disappointed he is in Bobi Wine for ignoring his Whatsapp messages.

According to the Bikyuka hit star, Bobi uses monkey tricks to step on every big artists who joins People Power so he remains the only ‘bull in the kraal’.

“…Bobi chaired a meeting in which he told his fans to abuse and soil mine name and i have all the evidence. When i tried to reach out to him for explanation, he instead ignored me. Which kind of a leader is he? How will it be if he becomes president? won’t he step on our heads? …Chameleone recently signed People Power forms but your man has never endorsed him. Even Lutaaya together with his wife came and officially joined NUP but still he didn’t post them anywhere. He doesn’t practice what preaches. He has self exaggerated importance!”, he said before vowing that he would leave the country if the Kyarenga singer becomes president.

Eddy Kenzo says he apologize to absolutely no one

“…your leader is weak and a sell out. He is braggart in nature thinking he can step on everyone. If he ever becomes president i will leave the country!”. 

Now Kenzo is to address his fans live on Facebook today ( Monday 8th/10/2020) about the burning issue. An insider tips us that the unapologetic Big Talent boss is to grab the ‘bull by its horns’ come what may!

“…he is disappointed in People Power leadership and he believes they want kill his music career. He is not backing down…just wait and see how he is going spit fire”, an insider tipped us.

On Saturday, Kenzo took his social media pages and swore never to apologize to anyone.

“God Is the greatest and no apology to di Babylon system. Ghetto yuut voice. And Uganda comes first no matter wagwan sen!!! God bless dem God people  spread love not hate. Say no to Tribalism”, he said.