Arsenal-reject  Ali Marcus Lwanga aka God’s Plan seems to have dumped Sheilah Gashumba for good!

Gashumba could be single
Gashumba could be single

Rumor of their break started spreading a few days back but the public thought it was just another calculated stunt.

However, God’s Plan seems to have moved on super quick after eating Sheilah Gashumba’s beans for almost two years on credit.

God's Plan's snack
God’s Plan’s snack

As Sheila is off for a short vacation in Western Uganda, God’s Plan is also busy merrymaking with his new catch.

The ex-convict  posted a video of himself and the mystery babe eating money at a VIP party and captioned it; “Levels”.

Despite the fact that sheila had vehemently denied reports that she parted ways with God’s Plan, saying she is not aware of the split, the recent developments have betrayed the truth to the world.