People Power mouthpiece Joel Ssenyonyi is one of the patient chaps under the sun. If what he says about his love life is true then his official bae Febress Nagawa is one of the luckiest married women!

A sneak-peek at Joel Ssenyonyi's wedding reception
A sneak-peek at Joel Ssenyonyi’s wedding reception

Ssenyonyi legalized his relationship with Febress a few months back in a scientific wedding ceremony.

He had earlier on revealed how he would only unleash his dangling reptile on someone’s daughter after tying the knot. That day arrived and now Fabress the former NTV News anchor are now expecting twins!

But what the world didn’t know is that Ssenyonyi had courted Febress since 2014!

Ssenyonyi's daily snack Febress
Ssenyonyi’s daily snack Febress

He opened up during the Televised interview that they met 6 years back at Watoto Church but never begged her for some. He said he was patient enough to abstain.

“She came and greeted the people I was standing next to and when she approached me, I even pretended I hadn’t heard her  because I didn’t want to show how she had caught my attention,” Ssenyonyi revealed.

Fabress is lucky to have a patient man
Fabress is lucky to have a patient man

According to Febress, she had sensed that he loved her when he would go an extra mile with some good acts like taking her out for coffee and lunch.


They dated for a year before tying the knot in June 2020. Ssenyonyi claims only had sex with her after the wedding.

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