Zari Hassan is Ugandan reality Television Personality, Entrepreneur and Influencer. The Boss Lady is an entrepreneur in South Africa where she owns a tertiary College and Cosmetics shop while pursuing her music career.

Zari Hassan’s ex-husband, the late Ivan Ssemwanga is said to have collected over Ush 700 million per month from his numerous business across the continent.

After ending her relationship with Ivan, Zari moved on super quick! She hooked up TZ star, Diamond Platnumz when he had just broken up with  actress Wema Sepetu. The mother of five is super rich and blessed!

How she got rich? Bonking loaded men of course played a huge part! She was is one of a few ladies who can survive without a man support.

Here is a list of expensive things that Zari owns.

1. Home in Waterloof in South Africa

Zari resides in South Africa one of their houses in Waterloof.

Zari's swanky home
Zari’s swanky home


2. The Brooklyn Schools

Zari has a firm hand in management of the schools. She is the CEO and seems to be doing a good Job while at it.

Zari at her college
Zari at her college

3. Range Rover Sports

She bought herself Range rover back in 2018, which is white in color as a new addition to her list of fancy fleets she owns.

 Zari slaying next to her Range Rover
Zari slaying next to her Range Rover

4. Bentley

She was gifted it by Diamond Platnumz during Tanasha’s birthday.

Zari's poses with new Bentley and thanks Diamond
Zari’s poses with new Bentley and thanks Diamond

5. Mercedes Benz

Zari just signed a hefty with Mercedes Benz in South Africa. According to the source this makes her an Ambassador for brand that makes best cars in world.

Zari seated on her sleek ride
Zari seated on her sleek ride