Fans on social media have quickly singled out bootylicious Swangz Avenue singer Winnie Nakanwagi a.k.a Winnie Nwagi for praise after she appeared to finally ditch her trade mark skimpy style of dressing for a more descent and respectful way of presenting herself.

Winnie Nwagi

While appearing at a certain wedding function over the weekend Winnie Nwagi was spotted clad in a beautiful long Maroon dress and fair enough to the single all the fans who criticized her  in the past for inappropriate dressing  went on Instagram and praise her for changing for the better.

Winnie Nwagi praised for dressing decently

Perhaps after putting up an excellent performance during the wedding Winnie took to instagram and shared a few snaps of herself dressed in the beautiful dress.

Winnie showing off her booty

Fan were quick to notice how smart and descent she was in the long dress and as expected majority wasted no time in praising her changed sense of style


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