Singer Winnie Nwagi has let loose about her love life and her thoughts about marriage and relationships.

Winnie Nwagi hates marriage

Taking to her Twitter handle, the “Jangu” star sent cold shivers down the spine of all those men who having been wishing put corner her juicy sumbie and legalize the bonk.

Nwagi is against marriage and she only prefers chewing her sumbie on credit.

Nwagi only loves chewing her on credit
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The controversial songbird asserts she is only available to have fun and enjoy life in a relationship but not marriage stuff or anything related to that.

“I love being in a relationship but marriage ain’t for me….Weird huh!”, she tweeted.

Winnie Nwagi’s latest revelation comes in after she recently opened up on how she is single and searching for a lover.

For all those who had plans of proposing to Nwagi, we are sorry to inform you that you will need to wait a bit longer until she confesses that she is ready to settle down with one genuine lover partner.