The National Unity Platform has come out to explain why singer Joseph Mayanja, also known as Chameleone was denied the party flag in his bid for Kampala Lord Mayor, in the coming elections.


According to the NUP vetting committee, they made a wide assessment and finally came to conclusion that Hon. Al haj Latif Ssebagala is more influential and with wide exposure internationally than Chamili.

The committee claims Chamili is only known in East African countries compared to Latif who has well connection in Middle East countries.

Chameleone is a catholic and has Less exposure and than Latif
Chameleone is a catholic and has Less exposure and than Latif

Further, they believe Latif has more ground support, public trust and financial muscle among other things to push the struggle forward. Below is how they vetted and awarded marks to both candidates. 

Latif's scorecard
Latif’s scorecard
Chameleone's scorecard
Chameleone’s scorecard

NUP spokesperson Joel Ssenyonyi also explains that they sent a team around Kampala city and intervened with people on who should be NUP candidate for the position.

“We intervened with people from boda boda places, markets, door to door to see what the people were saying. We realized that Hon. Ssebagala had more edge than Jose Mayanja,” Ssenyonyi said.

Ssenyonyi adds that the process of selecting flag bearers entailed three stages namely a sit down and where the sit down didn’t work, the vetting process took place.