On Valentine, we celebrate love. However, there is no love without commitment. Marriage is many times seen as the ultimate goal, a way to start a family. The fact is marriage is not an end in itself. Life continues and people grow, achieve, share happiness, sorrows and reach new realms together. We looked at these different couples to see how their lives have taken turns since they found each other and how they’ve remained going strong.

Aly Alibhai, and Sylvia Namutebi

Aly Alibhai, the CEO of Talent Africa met Sylvia Namutebi, in 2011 while she was the Miss Uganda then.

Sylvia Namutebi and Aly Allibhai wedding
Sylvia Namutebi and Aly Allibhai wedding

The two dated for a while until on July 25, 2015 when Aly proposed by asking the Nigerian P-square duo (now separate) to record a clip singing one of her favourite song called No one like you. After the lady watching it on their TV, he popped the question which she agreed to. This was revealed in a Daily Monitor interview in May, 2018.

The couple decided to hold their wedding at Serena Lake Victoria Golf Resort. Aly and Sylvia exchanged their vows in Kalangala hall and after hosted their guests at Coliseum Gardens.

Alibhai Threws A Lavish Baby Shower For Sylvia
Alibhai Threws A Lavish Baby Shower For Sylvia

Sylvia wore two outfits, a white custom-made wedding dress by a Canadian designer and a white and gold Indian sari while Aly also wore two outfits; a tuxedo by Hugo Boss and a cream and gold Indian outfit all bought from Canada.

The two are blessed with a son and celebrated their wedding anniversary last year in December 28th, at a luxurious ceremony held at the Sheraton Hotel Kampala.

Ragga Dee (Daniel Kazibwe) and Mariam Kazibwe

After living together for many years, on January 19, 2008, Raga Dee and Mariam decided to formalize their marriage at Namirembe Cathedral and later hosted their guests at Serena Hotel.

Ragga Dee's wedding
Ragga Dee’s wedding

His reception was the first to be held at the hotel when they changed its name from the then Nile Hotel.

It also believed that Ragga Dee set the precedent for Ugandan celebrities throwing lavish wedding ceremonies.

In an interview with media personality Crystal Newman, Ragga Dee revealed that he spent an estimate of over Shs.1bn on his wedding and every table had its own cake. For the bridal cars, he brought three Escalades and two limousine cars instead of hiring like the rest.

Ragga Dee
Ragga Dee


Ragga Dee looked elegant in a white suit with perfectly knitted cornrows and his wife looked lovely in a simple strapless gown.

Since then, we have seen this respected legendary artiste try out for positions like city Lord Mayorship. His bae, Mariam keeps a low profile and you will hardly find her in tabloids or news. The couple is blessed with four children, two girls and two boys.

Jose Chameleon and Daniella Atim

In the same year on 7th June, 2008, Joseph Mayanja known by his stage name, Jose Chameleon held a similar glamorous wedding ceremony with his long-time girlfriend, Daniella Atim to beat the record Ragga Dee had set.

Chameleone and Daniella wedding
Chameleone and Daniella wedding

Chamili used a chopper to go to St James Catholic Church, Biina while Daniella was in a convoy of seven Mercedes Benz cars.

After the exchanging of vows, the couple used the chopper to take them to Kampala Serena Hotel which was the venue for the reception.

The music legend looked elegant in a black shirt, with a white tie and suit while his wife looked glamorous in her ball room gown.

The couple has been blessed with 5 children, three sons and two daughters.

Chameleone bought a house for Daniella in US
Chameleone bought a house for Daniella in US

Rumors of Chamili and Mama Abba’s separation made rounds on social media streets, leaving many in wonderland.

While we all thought our power couple was no more, pictures of Chameleon buying a house for Daniella in USA as a valentine present emerged. Isn’t that what love is about? Finding a way back to each other amidst storms? Chamili is now contesting for Kampala city Lord Mayorship and of course he has his bae’s full backing.

Bobi Wine and Barbie Kyagulanyi

In 2000, Bobi Wine then final year student of Music, dance and drama at Makerere University met Barbie, a senior six student from Bweranyangi Girls secondary school at the National Theatre. The two met on stage play and from then their relationship blossomed.

Bobi wine wedding
Bobi wine wedding

On 27 August, 2011, Popular Singer Bobi Wine decided to tie the knot with his long-time sweetheart Barbie at Rubaga Cathedral. Their ceremony was honored by the presence of Nabagereka of Buganda Sylvia Nagginda at the church service.

The groom wore a white suit with a well embroidered designs on the coat, with a tie that was black at the knot and the rest in white.

Bobi wine was able to stand out when his best man wore a black suit while the groomsmen wore white suits with black shirts. Barbie stylish as she is wore a white fascinator that was unique from the traditional ones with a lovely one arm silhouette gown.

Her matron wore a red ball room dress while the brides’ maids wore white dresses with red petticoats added at the bottom and a red flower at the side waist.

There reception at Serena Hotel was full of pomp and flair with many high end politicians, businessmen, celebrities and socialites in attendance.

Bobi arrived at his reception changed into a black suit for the evening event while Barbie took off the fascination in order to clearly show her well braided hairstyle with the lines uniquely accessorized.

The ghetto couple
The ghetto couple

For the final outfits, the groom wore a purple silky shirt with a white suit while the bride wowed many with her strapless tight short dress added with a long train that had colorful pattern designs.

Today the musician with the support of his wife is a popular politician who is the current Member of Parliament for Kyandondo East Constituency in Wakiso District.

Barbie even remained strong and fought for her husband’s release after his brutal arrest in Arua on August 13th last year together with 33 other people.

Bobi wine is taking on Sevo in 2021 presidential elections.

The couple is blessed with four children; two boys and two girls.

His Majesty Ronald Muwenda Mutebi and Her Royal Highness Sylvia Nagginda

According, to press reports the royal couple met in the USA in 1993 where the Kabaka had gone to shop for his upcoming coronation, while the Queen was already working and a resident there. It was later that year when Nabagereka had returned to work in the country that the relationship was sealed.

Kabaka's wedding
Kabaka’s wedding

This became the first royal wedding Ugandans were witnessing in 50 years and it excited not only Baganda subjects but other tribes across the country.

On 27 August, 1999, thousands flocked Namirembe Cathedral to witness the reunion. And for those who could not make it, they followed keenly on a live broadcast on UTV (now UBC TV).

The main celebrant was the then Archbishop Samuel Livingstone Mpalanyi Nkoyoyo assisted by the then Bishop of Namirembe Diocese, Rt Rev Samuel Balagadde Sekadde.

The Church was full people; women dressed in traditional Gomesi of different fabrics and colors, while the men wore Kanzus and stylish coats.

The Kabaka who had no best man was elegant in his kanzu and wore on it a long dark colored royal coat with uniquely designed gold embroidery. The designs on the coat matched what was on his royal crown bringing out its elegance.

Kabaka wooed Queen Sylvia Nagginda
Kabaka wooed Queen Sylvia Nagginda

The Nabagereka looked stunning in her custom-made ivory gown which was designed by Beatrice Iga, a Ugandan living in the diaspora. It was designed to imitate a traditional busuuti at the bust and sleeves, it then flowed out like a normal wedding gown below her waist. She accessorize the look with classic pearls and her hair was held back and puffed around the royal crown. This left all the attention to her big eyes and full lips.

At the reception, the invited guests included King Makhosetive Dlamini Mswati III of Swaziland and Zwellthin of South African Zulu and President Yoweri Museveni.

The two have an 19 year old Princess, Katrina Ssangalyambogo and have continued to build the Kingdom of Buganda together over the years. The Kababaka also has four other children.

Navio and Mathilda Nasimbwa

Rapper Navio, real name Daniel Kigozi, 36, exchanged vows with long time lover, Mathilda Nasimbwa in Sweden in June, 20th, 2019.

 Navio's wedding
Navio’s wedding

This was a day after Zari’s low-key wedding to King Bae.

“Today, I got to marry my best friend,” Mathilda noted on her wall.

Navio's mum witnessed everything
Navio’s mum witnessed everything

Navio’s mom, Prof. Maggie Kigozi, clad in red could not hide her excitement for the couple. Navio and Mathilda are blessed with 3 kids.