Sheila Gashumba’s boyfriend God’s Plan broke? You probably have heard about this….from Bad Black!

Bad Black
Bad Black

But according Sheilah, those are cheap pedestrian talks peddled by her haters, since the ex-convict still has his coffers full to the brim.

In a bitter exchange between Sheila and socialite Bad Black, Sheila is trolled for bonking a broke boyfriend who has failed to make her feel special like he used to.

Bad Black claims God's Plan is broke
Bad Black claims God’s Plan is broke

However, the self styled Lil Stunner in retaliation defends her Mr. Right and reminds Bad Black that she and God’s Plan will have the last laugh since they are still have millions of cash in the bank.

“Call him BROKE one more time! We shall know who has money and who doesn’t, who is fake and who isn’t fake, who is real and who isn’t real! One more time! And let me know when you’re done!” she threatened.

Sheila Gashumba and God's Plan
Sheila Gashumba and God’s Plan

Many have laughed off Sheila’s lame boast about her fiancee’s money as they reminded her that other women are at work and not counting on their boyfriend’s cash.