Retired colonel and political activist Kiiza Besigye’s son Anselm will never cease to amuse us. Forget about the photos that trended showing him smoking a big cigar on his graduation day after completing college, he is the talk of social media again following yet another trending photo of him chilling out with singer Beyonce’s younger sister Solanje.

Anselm, Dr. Kizza Besigye's Son Goes Wild With A White Girl

Appearing with Solanje in the photo wouldn’t be a big deal but rumour has it that Anselm is indeed personal friends with the entire Beyonce family and at times dines with the singer’s close associates.

In the photo posted on Facebook, Anselm who is dressed in a neat blue suit can be seen standing next to Beyonce’s younger  sister Solanje  as the two millennials are vividly captured smiling for the camera man .

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The photo has since be shared widely on social media with many Ugandans praising Anselm for expanding his social capital