Sheilah Gashumba and God’s plan’s relationship has been one of a kind characterized by showbiz, proving a point, fighting, cheating, and much love.

Sheilah Gashumba
Sheilah Gashumba

Ever since Sheilah broke up with singer Fik Fameica things have not been going smooth for her.

It all started with news about Marcus’ criminal cases with claims that he was a thief and drug dealer, later on, Sheila’s friend Amanda disorganized the couple by telling Marcus about Sheilah’s dirty secrets of her b0nking with ex-boyfriend Grenade official and having had a threesome with her (Amanda). This was also later settled and the two lovebirds started hating and bashing Amanda.

It is reportedly over between Sheilah and God's Plan
It is reportedly over between Sheilah and God’s Plan

The lovebirds have also been creating breakup news by themselves just to get attention from fans hence Relevance and more money. However, yesterday the internet was hit by storm after God’s Plan posted a photo of himself with his family which seemed was a message announcing the couple’s breakup.

However, we are not sure if this is not another stunt or it is finally over after God’s Plan revealed via Snapchat that he is finally free from Sheilah Gashumba.

“I feel like i just escaped from prison. Dear God thank you” – He God’s Plan wrote.

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