She is a renown Luganda news anchor working with NTV but still that doesn’t mean she is only limited that!

Sleek voiced and gorgeous Faridah Nakazibwe is multi-talented and brave enough.

Apparently It turns out he is also a song writer.

She composed and released a song titled, Talk to Faridah, which will be a soundtrack to her YouTube channel.

The song features her boy Bruno K.

“I put my writing skills to test and came up with these lyrics. The vocally gifted @bruno_kug did justice to it in studio. Talk to Faridah is the official soundtrack of my YouTube channel. Check it out, subscribe, share and like . #let‘ssmiletogether”, she posted on her Instagram.

Bruno K and Faridah have been close for sometime and at one point, rumors suggested they were dating. The two vehemently continue to deny the claims. They describe each other as best friends.


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