Lugambo Machinery Zahara Totto might have finally landed on Mr. Right in South African based Sangoma, Don Bahati…and she is not afraid to publicly say it out.

Sangoma replaced Reuben

Totto hooked up with Bahati recently after dumping boyfriend, Reuben Robert!

Worthy to note is that Reuben had even introduced her to his parents as he planned to legalize their bonk sessions. However it seems the pair weren’t on the same page.


The NBS TV star is now rearing Don Bahati’s domestic reptile. Totto shocked Netizens on her snapchat as she shared a video of her and the bleaching Sangoma swapping saliva.

Totto swapping saliva with Sangoma

Many thought it was just another money move but Totto seems to be this time madly in love. The mother of five vows to stick to her latest new catch no matter the weather.

“Baby they will be fine. Some of us are trying to mind our business ate bo bi struggle bibatwala! Emikono tejenkankana. Wabula papa just know nkwagala nyo!”, she penned down a love note to the Sangoma, promising him heaven on earth.

Totto’s love note to Sangoma