A man will still be a man…That is how God created us and most of us like it that way! Most men can never settle for less. They always look out for the best out there and yes, Zahara Totto’s man, Reuben Roberts ain’t different either!

Totto and his man Reuben

Totto might have done everything to tie Reuben down but the chap is obviously not in any way satisfied. Not even the self-proclaimed field marshal’s bedroom skills have served to melt down Reuben’s wild bonking desires!

The CEO of University of pain and operations manager at Beton claims he wishes meet and tickle Sheebah Karungi’s instruments of power before he meets his creator. According to him, Sheebah is the only creature which gives him goosebumps and wild thoughts.

Reuben wishes to meet Sheebah

“Let others meet Bill Gates and Kofi Annan. My tastes are much simpler. I only want to meet Sheebah Karungi. From what I have heard, she started from nowhere but has decided to make it big in the entertainment industry. She is impressive to me. Do not worry, Toto knows I am in for her. Sheebah really melts my hard snow”, Reuben confesses in an interview with a local tabloid magazine.

Well since Totto is always unsettled and Sheebah is still single, this could an opportunity for Reuben to strike. We wish him good luck just in case he does!