Zahara Totto’s Don Solo Arrested!

Police in Nairobi are holding a Tony Taban Suleman aka Don Solo over claims he had forged travelling documents.

The Don Solo is also said to have stayed at various city hotels and escaped without settling his bills.

Zahara Totto's Don Solo arrested Over Forgery, Unpaid bills
Zahara Totto’s Don Solo arrested Over Forgery, Unpaid bills

According multiple sources, Solo was first arrested in his house on February 21 over claims of being involved in money laundering and drug trafficking.

But after a search, nothing was found in his house in Kilimani area. Police found his passport indicating he was a South Sudanese. But apparently when the document was run on immigration records they discovered the visa imposed on it was forged.

Sources tips us that the Visa showed he had been to Australia. Police said they had discovered he is a South Sudanese. He was taken to court and charged with forgery and being in Kenya illegally.

But before the judge, Martha Mutuku could release him on bail, it was discovered he had a warrant of arrest on him already.

This was in regard to a case that he obtained services at Sankara Hotel Westlands and sneaked without paying. The court was told on Thursday last week that he had cleared the Sankara $ 2,000 bill while in custody.

Enter Zahara Totto;

The name Don Solo is not new back here in Uganda. Actually Ugandans are his ex-in laws. Don Solo aka Big Papa grabbed headlines when started moving out with NBS TV’s Zahara Totto.

Don Solo dumped Zahara Totto
Don Solo dumped Zahara Totto

Solo and Totto painted the dusty streets of Kampala Red and they bonked home and away. But the worse came to the worst when the pair bitterly broke up.

The South Sudanese giant accused the TV personality of cheating on him with countless city horny men. She tried to plead, begging him for another chance but Don Solo had already moved on and not willing to look back.

Zahara Totto’s Don Solo Arrested!