Songbird Nina Akankunda aka Nina Roz and multi-talented music producer Daddy Andre are officially bonking tubeless following their successful but low-key Kukyala a few days back.

Nina Roz and Daddy Andre are living under the same roof

Notably, fellow artists including Angela Katatumba took time off to congratulate Andre and Nina Roz for making their thorough bonking sessions known by parents, friends and well-wishers. However, singer  Sheebah Karungi remained as silent as a grave yard despite the fact that the TNS lead star and Nina Roz had ever slept under the same roof.

Sheebah refused to publicly congratulate Andre and Nina

With her move, Sheebah left many of her fans with unanswered questions!

But that didn’t was an open secret to those close to the pair. Apparently Sheebah and Nina Roz have spent closed to 7 years without sharing a cup of tea or even licking the ‘salty ice cream’ like they used too!

Genesis Of their Beef

According to close pals,  Sheebah and Nina Roz’s beef started some time back before they both joined Jeff Kiwanuka’s Team No Sleep.

During that time, Sheebah was an upcoming artiste doing a solo thing with the girls in Makindye  of the same feather. Theses included Nina Roz, Keko Town and others.

However, it is said that at one time, Sheebah, who was very close to Keko, fell out badly with her after she accused her of allegedly neglecting her to be with other girls.

Sheebah and Keko

It is said that one of the girls that caused the bitter split between Sheebah and Keko was Nina Roz. Keko had no other option but to back off and let them be.

Now with much freedom to eat life, Nina and Sheebah started rolling the dice not until when the wild and free ‘Nkwataako’ hit star met another bird , with who made her forget all about Nina.

Sources reveal that Nina Roz, who was then an upcoming musician, became so frustrated and heartbroken especially after she was barred access to Sheebah’s then rented crib in Makindye.

She was so disappointed by Sheebah that during an interview years  later. Nina said thus; “We can no longer be friends because our issues are deep. I know she hates me so much. She needs to apologize.” She added that ‘they have issues that can only be solved by both of them not anyone else.’

Sheebah, Nina Beef At TNS
After succumbing to her fate and realizing that  she could never separate Sheebah from her new Girl Friend, Nina Roz had to find her own level  and try to hustle and build her music career at least.

Nina and Sheebah were so tight

That was when she approached Jeff Kiwa and begged him to sign her up onto his Team No Sleep (TNS) label, where Sheebah and Pallaso had already been signed up.

But while at TNS, Sheebah and Nina Roz renewed their beef, whereby the she (Sheebah) accused Nina of copying her style and vocals.

It was not long before a deadly supremacy war erupted between the two musicians, which was later to force Sheebah to distance herself from TNS and many of the singers there, because, sources say, she was about to get physical with Nina Roz.

These two are now nemesis

Despite their beef however, Nina Roz went ahead to make it as one of the biggest female musicians in Uganda, who has been turned into brand name by Jeff Kiwa through his TNS, although she vows never to forgive Sheebah because of what he did to her.