The “indecent music performances in schools” is still fresh in the lips of those that care about it. Artists, media and public domain, have not been spared either.

Uganda Musicians Association (UMA) President, Cindy Sanyu is among the artists, who are surprisingly throwing their weight behind the Ministry of Education and Sports on the immediate ban on indecent actors. In Uganda, singers – Sheebah, Winnie Nwagi, Karole Kasita and many others, are known to represent a certain kind of dressing. However, Cindy, too, is not an angel.

Earlier this week on Monday, the Ministry of Education, through Dr Jane Okou, issued a directive to all school Head Teachers not to hire or allow indecent artistes to perform in schools.

“Failure to comply, will lead to school managers being personally held responsible and disciplinary measures charged against them,” Dr Okou warned.

“The purpose of this communication, therefore, is to inform all concerned to ban performances of this nature from school grounds. Clear guidelines will soon be officially issued by the Ministry of Education and Sports,” she further said.

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The Ministry’s ban comes at the backdrop of Hon. Sarah Opendi’s plea to regulate raunchy performances in school. While on the floor of the Parliament, Opendi explained that the singers’ skimpy outfits and raunchy dance moves as they perform in schools, are doing more harm than good.

However, irritated by Opend’s plea, Sheebah perhaps felt she was being targeted. She was quick to blast and tell the honourable off, reasoning that it is not her responsibility to ask students not to dress like her.

But speaking during an interview with Spark TV on Tuesday, Cindy Sanyu, a renowned nemesis of Sheebah, backed Opendi’s sentiments.

The UMA President, who is seeking re-election, says it’s inappropriate for an artist to expose him/herself while performing for school children in a similar manner he/she does for the adults.

She cites the fact that children are mentally not ready to exhaustively consume the s#xuality that artists may serve on stage.

Cindy also asked Sheebah to be professional, cease throwing around her career trauma and develop an empathetic parental heart.

Earlier, Sheebah had defended herself, claiming that she is free to do whatever she wants because no one cared about her when she was still hustling.

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“If it’s performing in bars, concerts, for the old men and women, then it’s okay. But for children, it must be a different story. You can’t expose yourself to a young child because he/she is not yet mentally ready for what you’re feeding them at that time. Let’s be professional and keep our trauma to ourselves,” Cindy Sanyu said.

Cindy also revealed how UMA is obliged to launch awareness campaigns – sensitising musicians on the appropriate behaviour and dress code to suit different audiences.

“Before, we thought it was logical for artists to dress in a special way when performing for children but clearly it’s not the case in reality. Therefore, it’s our work as UMA to now inform people by awareness campaigns to let artists know that In front of children, it’s a sensitive matter,” she added.