It has always been alleged that renown media personalities, Gaetano Kaggwa and Lucky Mbabazi are more than just colleagues.

Gaetano Kaggwa
Gaetano Kaggwa

Recently Netizens were sent in frenzy following a tweet from a careless online in-law claiming that curvy-physically fit Lucky and Gae normally have stolen moments in Kawempe republic, away from the prying eyes of their spouses.

Lucky, who has been married for years to Uganda Sports Press Association’s ( USPA) President, Patrick Kanyomozi, is said to have strayed from her legal bonking arena to Gae’s boneless muscle.

Gaetano and Lucky's chemistry has always been on another level
Gaetano and Lucky’s chemistry has always been on another level

However Furious Gaetano rushed to trash the allegations saying his relationship with Lucky stops at work.

“Me and lucky we are professionals who respect each other. It ends at that!”, Gaetano said.

Gaetano and Lucky is a trio tailored in heaven. Their chemistry is irresistible! They often upload sexy videos on internet having a good time.