Well its now a public secret that Bobi Wine will spend the next few cold nights alone. His stunning bae Barbie Itungo is currently out of the country!

Barbie and Bobi sent their kids to US for safety

According to latest reports, Barbie managed to sneak out of the country to US to meet her beloved kids. Last month, Solomon Kampala together with his siblings jetted out to the States as millions of Ugandans were warming up for the 14th January presidential elections which Sevo later emerged winner as per Electoral Commission final results.

Bobi through a lengthy Facebook post explained that his kids were under threat for political reasons, so he had to send them away for their safety. And Barbie’s apparent departure means she has flown out to meet the young kids in Biden’s land of opportunities.

Barbie at the airport

Now a man who claims to have predicted and unleashed Barbie’s travel plan three days back has taken pride. A one Seruga Titus has taken to his Facebook page to brag about busting Mama Kampala’s ‘sneak-out’ plan.

According to his freshest post, Barbie passed via Western Uganda to Rwanda before setting her foot off the Black Continent.

Seruga posted this 3 days back
“Yes I!!! Credibility really Matters.
The Informant will always tell you the truth in advance.
Barbie Kyagulanyi bweswiii, do you remember my flight plan last week, NUP attacked me as if they know anything about Kyagulanyi better than my agents so close to him. The initial plan was to get Bobi Wine out”, Seruga thumped his chest.
Well if this guy ‘s prediction holds water, then why can’t just tell us when is Jesus coming back for us? Oh he should just replace prophet Elvis Mbonye nekyo Kigwe, sikyo?