Record TV’s Luzze Anderson exposes Zahara Toto in a new video. Says the gossipmonger was a certified sumbie vendor at Speke Road in 2014 before he rescued her

Zahara Toto is one of those socialites who are never bothered by how often they fall in love with different dudes.

In a space of less than a year, Zahara Toto has dated three men and one of her relationships ended violently.

Record TV’s Luzze Anderson claims that what Zahara Toto is showing today is an improved version of what she was before.

According to Luzze Andrew Anderson, Zahara was a sumbie vendor in 2014 before he gave her the very first chance to shoot her shot on TV.

According to Luzze, he was connected to Zahara by a friend who was also in the same business and he made her part of his gossip show crew on WBS TV despite his producers not buying the idea.

It was here that Zahara kick-started her career to become one of the most celebrated gossip mongers on Ugandan TV.

As they say, you can take a villager from the village but you can’t take the village out of them, Zahara Toto still behaves like a sumbie vendor despite her success.