Sheila Gashumba is that glamour girl who will always turn up uninvited but make her presence felt like a guest of honour.

She has over the years made a statement as one of Kampala’s top socialites by throwing luxurious parties and spending so much of her time on holiday in some of the expensive destinations.

Sheila Gashumba’s feet shocks nation

In recent photos released that were taken during her Zanzibar trip, Sheila Gashumba’s feet shocked the nation with many matching them to those of Lydia Jazmine.

By taking a look at the photo, Sheila Gashumba’s feet are spread like those of people residing in a deep village and they ultimately don’t match her sexy body.

However the good news is that Sheila Gashumba and boyfriend, God’s Plan appreciate each other as the way God created them no matter the noise from netizens.