Do you know that Zahara Totto wets her bed and puff substances? Well according her uncle, NBS TV’s Lugambo star does so!

Zahara Totto wets her bed
Zahara Totto wets her bed

Zahara Totto has been exposed by her uncle who reveals that the media personality smokes weed and pees on bed.

The uncle who seemingly beefs Totto over family related issues shamed the TV personality while speaking in an interview on the Celebrity Track Xtra vlog.

Totto’s uncle, who she exposed last year as a relative who had threatened to end her life, disclosed how the presenter has nothing to her name and doesn’t take care of her children and her mother.

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He went ahead to reveal Zahara Totto’s real age saying that she is way older than the years she reveals to the public.

Uncle exposes Zahara Totto
Uncle exposes Zahara Totto

He also bragged about how he is more educated than the TV gossip queen, stressing that she dropped out of school after Senior Four.

Uncle Benjamin explained that the root cause of his fall out with  Totto and her mother is because the latter owns disrespects him.

He added how Totto fears to put her mattress under the sun whenever she wets her bed and rather leaves such duties for her mother.

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Checkout the video in the link below;

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