TV host Zahara Totto shows off her fallen soldiers in black-but transparent expensive designer dress…

What seemed like a fashion risk has turned out to be one of the biggest fashion disasters on Ugandan television since Straka Mwezi.

Zahara Totto steps out in a black designer dress

Zahara Totto knows how and when to tickle the internet, this time she did with her style choice.

The motor-mouthed TV star stepped out a in a black transparent designer dress, looking sexy drolling and gorgeous for photo-shoot. As if that wasn’t enough drama, she opted to sharing on internet.

Now Fans on social media are buzzing and advising that trendy piece of cloth on her body wasn’t such a bad idea, more is more now, but Totto’s shape just wasn’t flattered by the transparent piece.

They claim, either the cloth was overwhelmed or she was! Some are of a view that Zahara Totto shouldn’t have dressed up in a transparent outfit, showing off the already fallen soldiers (Read fallen boobs).

TV host Zahara Totto boldly parades her fallen soldiers leaving fans on internet excited

Internet users are having a field day roasting the star. Memes are already flooding social media comparing her outfit to lots of things.

We’re here for bold style attempts, but this was a complete disaster Totto. We apologize to the internet on your behalf. Sh*t happens!