Last week on Thursday Uganda Revenue Authority’s law enforcers and police cops surprised Bobi Wine with a visit at his swanky home in Magere.

Bobi objects Handing Over car to URA
Bobi objects Handing Over car to URA

The law enforcers according to news reporters on ground had gone there specifically with orders to impound Bobi Wine’s new ride, a Toyota Land Cruiser which the NUP darling says it’s a gift from his fans to execute and ease his ‘Siturago Missions’.

But Obviously the law enforcers’ mission to impound the ‘Bullet Proof’ ride miserably flopped as they faced resistance from Bobi and team.

Apparently, the professional but ruthless men were told to back off from the ‘Ghetto white house’ compound immediately since they had no court order to squeeze someone’s balls. They did just that!

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Now latest and exclusive info coming through confirm that Bobi Wine through his lawyers, Wameli & Company advocates has refused to hand over his much treasured Big Black Toy for re-examination.

Bobi's lawyers tell-URA-'you don't have powers to re-examine goods'
Bobi’s lawyers tell-URA-‘you don’t have powers to re-examine goods’

In a letter dated 26th, Feb, 2021, specifically addressing The Commissioner Customs, the lawyers inform the Revenue body that their client objects the recall of the monster machine.

The lawyers educate the Commissioner Customs that the Revenue body do not have ‘automatic powers to re-examine goods which were already in their custody’ more so when the goods had been examined before.

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Bobi Wine's lawyers writes to URA
Bobi Wine’s lawyers writes to URA

“Much as it is true that you have the powers under section 236 (d) of the EAC customs Management Act to examine goods, you do not have automatic powers to re-examine goods which were in your custody (ware house), were examined, assessed to tax, the taxes fully paid and the goods released the owner/taxpayer”, The letter to the Revenue body partly states.

“This is to therefore demand that you immediately withdraw your decision to recall our client’s motor vehicle as long as such decision is arbitrary and unsupported by any law”, Bobi’s trusted lawyers asserts in the letter.

Bobi’s car documents suggest that it was taxed a whooping UGX 88,612,027 before it was released. However according to the docs, the car is not armored as it had been earlier claimed by Bobi.

We shall keep you posted!

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