This month has really treated TV star Diana Nabatanzi like a step child! Y’all know that Nabatanzi is currently off the screen after losing her soft voice in a massive Waya war.

As she is still healing, now she has been hit by shocking news that her man and pal, Emmanuel Lwasa has been introduced by another woman today Saturday in Luweero.

As if that wasn’t enough to reduce Diana Nabatanzi to tears, Lwasa, the celebrated bonk champ has apparently gifted his Angel a brand new Mark X just to appreciate her sweetness and bedroom skills.

Reports have it that Lwasa snatch Angel from Muzzinyi Mr. Henrie using his deep pockets. Apparently Henrie ran so broke  broke that he could no longer take care for the seemingly high maintenance babe.

It is now a certified loss for Nabatanzi who has been in recent past linked to chewing Lwasa’s boneless muscle.

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And yes, a huge loss for Henrie for failing to impress Angel.

We have the exclusive pics taken from the Kwanjula ceremony;

Bonk Champ Lwasa Gets Introduced
Bonk Champ Lwasa Gets Introduced


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