When a sumbie vendor finally falls in love, she loves loves to the maximum! Yes y’all know that socialite Shanitah Namuyimbwa aka Bad Black has swallowed all kinds and tribes of boneless muscles.

Bad Black in love with Asha
Bad Black in love with Asha

It is something she often brags about and even has the balls to name her horny clients. But it seems all those who came before her boyfriend, Asha never impressed and chewed her sumbie pretty well.

Asha has made Bad Black forget all about the night business for good ever since he started unleashing his monster reptile on her between the sheets. Bad Black, an ex-convict recently opened up how she and the bedroom-skilled boyfriend wants to make their bonk sessions official.

To show the world that she is indeed serious, the mother to many took to social media and asked Bobi Wine’s special woman, Barbie Itungo to be the Matron at her wedding.

Barbie has not yet responded to her but we guess it will be a positive reply.

Over the time, Bad Black and Asha have displayed their public affectionate. At one time they went live on Facebook as they ate cassava and beans early in the morning. She later on apologized for making the netizen salivate using the same avenue.

Bad Black Share Bathroom Video
Bad Black Share Bathroom Video

But the couple has seemingly repeated the same thing again. They have shared a bathroom video clip on TikTok as they jammed on legendary singer Iryn Namubiru’s 2010 love song, Nkwagala.

In the clip, all nude-the boyfriend romantically attacks Bad Black from behind, gives her a soap massage, body to body as she rolls the eyes in appreciation.

On mission to show other dudes that he indeed knows the rules of the famous game, Asha does all that while whispering sweet nothings in Black’s ears as she seductively closes the eyes.

 watch the video;