Lucky Mbabazi questions Anatalia Oze’s interviewing skills…

Y’all remember how singer and ‘Kizigo’ Mistress Sherry Matovu attacked and expressed discontent in NBS TV’s Annatalia Oze a fortnight back.

Annatalia Oze is under spot
Annatalia Oze is under spot

Sherry Matovu skinned Anatalia for making ridiculous comment on her live on set.

“Yes you are dark skinned and dark skins are good but Ana you look so bad, if you reach a point of looking that bad while on TV then how about in person. I have seen you off TV and other people who have seen you know that you look so ugly. Ana start taking care of yourself because you look really bad”, She said

Now latest to question Oze’s interviewing skills is none other than fellow media personality Lucky Mbabazi.

Lucky Mbabazi expressed her dismay in Anatalia’s choice of questions on Uncut Sabula as she interviewed Angella Katatumba.

On Saturday, Anatalia insinuated that Angela Katatumba doesn’t want to get pregnant. This didn’t go well with different women including Mbabazi who expressed her dissatisfaction through social media posts.

Lucky Mbabazi expresses discomfort in Anna
Lucky Mbabazi expresses discomfort in Anna

“So yesterday, I was watching a show online where a female host asked her guest why she doesn’t want to give birth. I found this quite disturbing because you can never know what a person is going through. Very often we ask such questions to women in our circles without knowing what could be going on in their lives. Maybe they have been trying for a while and things are just not working out or they could have had multiple miscarriages and they are taking a break. The stress that goes on in a woman’s life who is struggling to get pregnant is unbearable so let’s try to stay out of people’s uteruses,” them bummy and curvy radio personality posted on her Facebook wall.

Anna asked Angella why she doesn't want to give birth
Anna asked Angella why she doesn’t want to give birth

And indeed Annatalia Oze got under Angella Katatumba’s skin when she raised that question. The look on her face on camera as she stammered to answer revealed much. However Anna was on mission to squeeze the answers from the Tonelabira hit star.