Latest reports coming through confirm that MC Kats’ woman, Caroline Marcah will never host Cheza Dot Com show on Spark TV gain.

Spark TV replaces Caroline Marcah

Caroline Marcah has been the one hosting Cheza Dot Com ever since Muzzinyi, Mr. Mosh tendered in his resignation letter at Kampala Serena based media house.

Mosh officially dumped the show in February to concentrate on his political career and immediately his former bosses gave Marcah a green light to step in.

But it seems Marcah, who has in the past few days linked to swallowing MC Kat’s boneless muscle never executed the job perfectly to impress the demanding bosses and boom!

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Spark TV hires Kheem GK to replace Caroline Marcah

She has been immediately told to step aside for another promising presenter, Kheem GK. Kheem has been working with BTM TV and the Spark TV bosses hope he will use the little experience he acquired to get the job remarkably done.

Now this means that Caroline Marcah is being successfully squeezed out of Spark TV because now she has lost all the shows she has been hosting to other presenters. Shows like 21 Questions, Live Wire Recap and now Cheza Dot Com are airing with out her.

To make matters worse, a one Flavia Mawagi who is apparently Marcah’s nemesis is the one hosting Live Wire Recap.

Flavia Mawagi attacked Caroline Marcah over relationship with MC Kats

Even recently while on air, Mawagi attacked Caroline Marcah for sharing her beans with MC Kats. She wondered how a babe like Marcah would move out with Kats, a renown dance hole king.

Her stigmatization remarks angered Kats and he vowed to sue her. “I still have a life and kids. I for once, I want the law to work. So am suing whoever is concerned”, he roared on Twitter.

After learning about her boyfriend’s next move, Caroline Marcah also came out to express her bitterness towards Flavia Mawagi.