Yesterday MC Kats proved to the world that he purely knows how to treat a woman in a very special kind of way more especially when he is in love.

Kats who in 2020 was officially dumped by baby Mama Fille Mutoni treated girlfriend, Marcah to a special birthday party.

The celebrated dance-hole king organised the BD party on his hard-earned dime where a few pals were invited due to COVID-19 regulations. The party was held at at Mackinon Suits in Nakasero.

Clad in a sexy Red short designer dress, Marcah made a grand entrance to the party in company of her trusted Girlfriends. She there and then went straight to where her man, Kats was seated.

The chemistry between the pair was just on point. No tense or friction was evidenced between the youthful media personalities.

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Much as he and Caroline Marcah often tried to hold back on their bonk plans to go public, even a blind could see their public display affection.

Kats feeds carol on BD party

They rolled eyes, whispered sweet nothings to each other and they sat in a suggestive position, often using their legs to communicate.

And yes that moment arrived when Kats asked Marcah for a dance! Like a traveled and experienced Muzzinyi, Kats did not waste any time as he went for her waist when the DJ played singer Pallaso’s love song, Malamu.

Of course the babe tried to shy and pull herself away but the guy couldn’t just let that to happen.

She remained with only one option; to play along and enjoy the moment in Kats’ warm arms. She did just that, sending the pals into frenzy!

Checkout the clip below;

After the party, the couple excused themselves and drove off to home. Whatever they did their only them and God can tell.

On Women’s Day, Kats confirmed that now days he happy because of Caroline Marcah through a post on Facebook.

Rumour has it that MC Kats already planted a live seed in Carols garden of Eden. Within 9 months from now we shall witness fruits.

Check out the interview,

Credit NBS TV